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To the Moon

A Film Production Studio

Critic: Tomas DePaor
GSD Core II Spring 2017

Critic: Tomas DePaor
Harvard GSD // M.Arch Core II // Spring 2017


To the Moon

A full-fledged film studio in the Boston Seaport district, a fictional oasis where fictional oases are made. 

The building is subdivided into six islands based on programmatic requirements for sound, air, and public visibility. The avenues and channels in between the islands are open to natural light and ventilation, and vehicle access. All six islands are constructed using a 24’ structural module based on that of the Crystal Palace, which consists of steel columns, beams, and girders, which sit on a landing pad that elevates the building off of the floodplain.

The ridge-and-furrow roof system used in the Crystal Palace is reinterpreted as a folded plate that serves both as structural webbing, supporting heavier floor slab weights in production studios and sound stages, and as a thickened layering system in the facade, providing acoustic insulation and space for building systems. Four wall assemblies are conceived to fit different isolation requirements to mitigate between artificial and natural environments.

The islands are further carved into by interior courtyards that create enclosed social spaces and “inner worlds” for filming. The site, touched lightly by the building’s landing paths, is nevertheless manipulated into a series of lakes, rolling hills and ha-has that create a public park, outdoor filming locations, and open-air zones where animals used in filming can be kept. A system of vehicle and pedestrian paths float above this landscape, where animals, humans, and space creatures roam free.