Stony Creek

Critics: Turner Brooks, Adam Hopfner
Yale University //
B.A. Architecture Studio // Fall 2014


Stony Creek


An old granite quarry in Branford, CT, Stony Creek has a rich history that expands beyond its geographical boundaries; the granite that shaped the cliffs of the quarry now forms the topologies of many New York City façades and sidewalks.

The project is a shelter for a single person, a temporary dwelling for rest and introspection. A structure of minimal means sited in the vastness of Stony Creek Quarry invokes thought on the relationship between the intimate and the immense, the manmade and the natural.

The ecosystem of the quarry itself holds an intriguing blend of natural and human forces: the topology of the rock face is constantly shaped and reshaped by water and winds, as well as machines and drills.

The dwelling is made up of three laminated wood surfaces that curve to accommodate the lying and seated postures of the body, while creating enclosure. A ladder leads up to the shelter from the base of a dock in the lake. The ladder invites a haptic exploration of the rock face, while the shelter becomes a contemplative rest stop along this journey.

Material studies with laminated wood.

Material studies with laminated wood.