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Club Salt Club

Critic: Tomas dePaor
Harvard GSD // M.Arch Core II // Spring 2017


Club Salt Club


A club for salt, for its multiplicity of uses: for road salting, human health therapy, chemical research and food preservation. A mountain of salt rises at the center, and is distributed to a network of floor slabs that wrap around a central void, maintaining visual connections to the mountain and the distribution process. 

The floor slabs are supported by columns that slope as they follow the shifting structure. Above the floor slabs are the public spaces: therapy and exercise hall, library and education, kitchen and restaurant. Below the floor slabs are the private spaces: bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, salinated isolation tanks, saltpool and auditorium. 

The private realm hangs below the public realm, and is accessed by staircases that lead to a suspended walkways beneath the floor slab. Walkways branch out to access private rooms that are housed inside perforated steel containers.

The façade is a double-skin mechanism that pumps salt water from the ground floor to the upper stories. The façade swells as the program becomes more salinated, and utilizes the pockets used for moving salt to mitigate privacy and views to the exterior.

If you look down, you will see people moving around salt. If you look up, you will see salt moving around people.

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